Predawn serenity squashed by slow drip

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I love getting up early to enjoy the peace and quiet of the predawn hours. Just me, alone with my thoughts, while the world around me sleeps. Well except for the cat, who impatient meows for food from the moment he hears me exit my bedroom. Once he’s taken care of, though, I can setttle into my favorite chair with pen, … Read More

Finding squishy face

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As you may remember, I’m on the road to grandmotherhood. T-minus six weeks to go until my daughter Hannah’s little bundle of joy arrives. Time flies when you aren’t the one who’s pregnant, and at this stage of the game, things are about to get real. Between you and me, I’m not sure I’m ready. Up until last weekend, I’d … Read More

Car wash chaos

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I love the feeling of leaving the local car wash with a sparkling clean car. It puts a smile on my face and pep in my step the way a new outfit or fresh haircut would. What I dislike is the act of going through the car wash. For something that sounds so simple, it can be tricky business from … Read More

Why must I do everything? A martyr’s chant

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It happened during a routine rerun of “Everybody Loves Raymond”. I was sitting innocently enough in my favorite chair, winding down before bedtime, watching Ray’s mom Marie have a spell. She’d had it up to here (raises hands and draws line above head) with the household state of affairs. With complete exasperation, she asks rhetorically, “Why must I do everything?!?” … Read More

Lamenting the trick-or-treats of days gone by

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I remember the Halloweens of my childhood as one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, right up there with Christmas and Easter. We planned costumes for months in advance and mapped out trick-or-treat strategies like four-star generals before a major battle. Mom served chili for the traditional pre-trick-or-treat supper. Dad queued up The Haunted Mansion record album to … Read More

Grandmother name-picking is harder than it looks

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There’s a lot to be said for picking out names. Whether naming a child or a dog or a pet goldfish, names matter—you wouldn’t name a goldfish “Fluffy” would you?  Right or wrong, names elicit feelings and judgments and conjecture long before we get to know someone. Which is why Hannah and I have always approached conversations about best grandmother … Read More

A bad case of carbonation

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Do you remember reading the story that circulated about exploding biscuit cans? It went something like this: woman goes to grocery and buys a can of biscuits—let’s say Pillsbury Golden Flakes for our purposes. On her drive home, the can of biscuits explodes, sending bits of dough flying through the car. A rogue piece of dough strategically splits from the … Read More

A green bean by any other name…

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As a child of the south, I long ago learned the role of a good white half-runner in southern cuisine. From cook-outs and potlucks to Sunday dinners, this summer staple is as much a part of meals as the fried chicken and cornbread. Almost as important as white half-runners themselves is the art of stringing and snapping them. And if … Read More

A call for the return of free air and filling stations


At the risk of dating myself, remember the days when real service stations, i.e. gas stations with attendants, existed? The attendants scurried out to greet customers as soon as their car tires tripped the bell. They checked the oil, cleaned the windshield and pumped the gas, while the customer sat in the comfort of his or her car. Back then, … Read More

He ain’t heavy, he’s my blanket

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I have a new obsession: weighted blankets. And I know what you must be thinking. “What on earth are weighted blankets and why would anyone need one?” Hang onto your horses, and let me answer the second part of that question first. I don’t like being cold. And some nights (and days, for that matter) I just can’t seem to … Read More