A toast to the queen of cozies

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When I began my writing career back in the mid-90s, I had no desire to write fiction. No siree, Bob. My path, or so I thought, would be paved with true stories. Stories that mattered (or at least that’s what they tell you in journalism school). But I suppose I don’t have to tell you what happens to the best … Read More

How Facebook gave me my life back

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There are plenty of undeniable truths about life. Humans are creatures of habit. Habits are hard to break. And many habits will never be broken without a monumental reason to do so. I happen to be intimately acquainted with these truths. In other words, I speak from experience. Take social media, for example. For months now, I’ve waxed rhetorically about … Read More

Season’s gratings: songs on my last nerve

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For many of us, the day after Thanksgiving marks the official all-clear for listening to Christmas music. It’s the day when, after an 11-month um… quarantine, if you will… the sounds of the season blare 24/7, spreading Christmas cheer in our stores, restaurants, offices, and homes. I dare say it can be a real free-for-all. Trying to squeeze a million … Read More

A day in the life at Moonshine University


Every now and then, we all experience something that reminds us of childhood. Maybe it’s the smell of a long forgotten scent, or the sound of a favorite song on the radio. For me, it’s the angst that comes with having to take a test. And it was the latter that filled my being when I earned the title of … Read More

Castle gets its happily ever after

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It’s not a horse farm or a basketball arena. Nor is it a bourbon distillery. Nevertheless, its one of Kentucky’s most memorable landmarks. For almost 50 years, The Kentucky Castle, located on the county line between Lexington and Versailles, has been turning heads and piquing the curiosity of all who pass by. I was knee high to a grasshopper when construction … Read More

Let’s talk bourbon!

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Have I told you about my family tree? We’ve got one or two real hum-dingers swinging from the branches, that’s for sure. The life and times of one cousin in particular has piqued the interest of us all. When his name comes up in conversation, everyone leans in a little closer, keen on catching every word. Kinda like when E.F. … Read More

Childhood memories, music, and The Monkees

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I was having lunch with Mom and one of my brothers a couple of weeks ago, when Mom kicked off the conversation on a rather low note. “Did you hear that Peter Tork from The Monkees died?” I hadn’t heard. The Monkees provided an undeniable and lasting influence on my musical tastes and education, and played no small part in … Read More

Eye exams aren’t always a walk in the park

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“Take a look at these lines,” the optometric assistant said, holding out a small sheet of paper on a clipboard. “Stare at the dot in the center, cover your left eye and tell me if the lines look straight, crooked, or wavy.” Such were the first directives at my recent eye check-up. “They look straight,” I replied. “Are they supposed … Read More

Grandparenting 101: The arrival of Squishy Face

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We all experience times in our lives that leave us changed — defining moments that alter who we are, instantly and forcefully — whether it’s a marriage or new job, going off to college or retirement. After all, change is the only constant in the world. As you may have guessed, the latest change in our world has been the … Read More