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Talk Bourbon to Me: A whiskey lover's guide to Kentucky's favorite spirit

For more than a hundred years, bourbon whiskey has been a topic of conversation and controversy from Capitol Hill to Hollywood. There are rules for making it, standards for drinking it, and stories behind every bottle. So what is it that makes America’s native spirit so special? Talk Bourbon to Me takes a look at these questions and more...
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Talk Bourbon to Me 2: The Spirit of Hospitality

The second book in the series, Talk Bourbon to Me 2 explores the essential elements of bourbon hospitality. Bourbon whiskey. It's an economic power engine in the Commonwealth of Kentucky — an eight-and-a-half billion dollar industry that attracts a million visitors each year. Such an imprint doesn’t happen by chance. It takes a certain breed of people to create that world — people with an attitude of generosity, tenacity, and persistence. Talk Bourbon to Me 2 explores that world, from the industry’s first visionaries in the 1800s to today’s distillery owners and distillers, visitor guides and more...
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