Let’s talk bourbon!

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Have I told you about my family tree? We’ve got one or two real hum-dingers swinging from the branches, that’s for sure. The life and times of one cousin in particular has piqued the interest of us all. When his name comes up in conversation, everyone leans in a little closer, keen on catching every word. Kinda like when E.F. Hutton talks. People listen.

I’m talking about none other than Bad John Wright, my cousin four removed. Or as he was more commonly known, Devil John Wright.

Whether he was a lawman who played by the rule book, or a US Marshal who found cause to make up his own rules as he went, Devil John Wright was someone that no man (or woman) wanted to cross. Some say he killed more people than he fathered—and I heard he fathered 27 kids. Gulp.

I mention this because I’ve started working on the second book in my series on all things bourbon—which also includes a few other closely related subjects. Like moonshine, for example.

You may be thinking, “that’s great, Beth. But I don’t see the connection.”

Allow me to explain. Devil John Wright wasn’t solely a lawman. Or master at procreation. He also dabbled in the art of distilling. Specifically, he was a moonshiner.

That’s right. US Marshal by day, moonshiner by night. Oh the irony. And his full story will be among those featured in Talk Bourbon to Me 2.

For those of you who may not be familiar, the Talk Bourbon to Me series takes a lighthearted look at Kentucky’s favorite spirit—and the people and places who’ve turned it into an $8.5 billion dollar industry here in the Bluegrass state. And here in Kentucky, almost everyone has a tie to the state’s native spirit.

That said, here’s a chance to submit your best bourbon story. Maybe bourbon has a starring role in a favorite family recipe. Perhaps you have the inside scoop on a long-forgotten distillery from years past. Maybe you’d like some sipping advice from the master distillers, or you have a favorite photo you’d love to share.

If so, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line at hello@bethwrightunderwood.com or beth@talkbourbon.com. The window for submissions closes Friday, May 18, 2018, with publication slated for this fall, so let’s get moving. With your help, Talk Bourbon to Me 2 will be unputdownable—and I think we can all drink to that!

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