Raving Reviews.

 I feel like I know each soldier personally

Thank you to Author Beth Underwood for telling the story of the Forgotten Forty, so very well written. I couldn't put it down as soon as I opened it. The time spent with the individuals' story, the personal details shared... I feel like I know each soldier personally. There were times when it was hard to read between the tears. Much respect goes out to our warriors and their families, and those who carry and share their stories that they may never be forgotten.

Reader, Gravity (the war book)

 A Must Read for every American who values their freedom

Beth Underwood’s Gravity is a tender but gut-wrenching true-life story about a group of citizen soldiers from Tennessee who went to Iraq to fight the war on terror…and the ones who didn’t make it back. Reading Gravity had me mentally strapping on a helmet and bulletproof vest, and walking out of my comfortable home and straight into a combat zone.

Kathleen M. Rodgers, author of the new novel, Johnnie Come Lately

 Easy, quick columns that make you want to read them all at once!

I downloaded this book and keep saying “just one more column” before putting it down! Beth will have you laughing, crying and thinking about all kinds of things one column at a time!

Reader, A Bad Case of Carbonation

 Puts A Smile on Your Face

Who doesn't love a great guffaw? A cheerful chuckle? This hilarious new book from author Beth Underwood is not only likely to put a smile on your face... you may find you're running late because you can't get your face out of the book! Not only did I laugh, I kept nodding my head in agreement with some of the situations she described about her family. Funny, touching and an enjoyable read, Ms. Underwood channels Erma Bombeck as she leads us through her thoughts and stories of current times and situations. Hurray, to a wonderful author that can cart me away, even for a moment, into a place that is cheerful and endearing. A fabulous book and (dare I say) a fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys a great guffaw!

Reader, A Bad Case of Carbonation

 Surprisingly good information and insights into bourbon you may not know.

If you’re a bourbon lover, this book is a treat. Beth Underwood has resurrected classic tutorial on everything you needed to know about distilling bourbon and whiskey. If you’re into the history of distilling or bourbon, you’ll more than likely enjoy the trip back in time. However, the real jewel of this book in my mind are the gems hidden within...the recipes that use bourbon as an ingredient. For me, I’m trying the party snack mix (I hear it’s irresistible). There is also a lot of information about distilleries, bourbon tours and bourbon history. You’ll find a lot to like in this book.

Reader, Talk Bourbon to Me

 A must-have guidebook for any liquor aficionado. Concise, ...

A must-have guidebook for any liquor aficionado. Concise, yet cleverly comprehensive and filled with interesting facts on the entire bourbon phenomenon from start to finish.

Reader, Talk Bourbon to Me

 Like a fine bourbon, this book has layers of flavor and a beautiful finish.

Get the book... pour a glass of your favorite label, then sit down and delve into a captivating excursion through the world of Kentucky bourbon. The book is fun, funny, educational and down right interesting. There are a few production issues but the stories, insights and historical passages make this a "go-to" book for both novice and connoisseur. A great present for bourbon lovers everywhere, especially yourself.

Reader, Talk Bourbon to Me

 The story of bourbon through the experiences and lives of the people whose life is bourbon.

Excellent book. Easy to read, yet quite informative. Lots of little stories telling one larger story. While many books are sterile descriptions of recipes or processing. this one centers on the many human stories behind it all. Great gift for the bourbon drinker in your family....even it that's you!

Reader, Talk Bourbon to Me

 Great Read

This s a great read, best enjoyed with a glass of bourbon and a fireplace. Highly recommended.

Reader, Talk Bourbon to Me

 Very Enjoyable

I'm looking forward to the next one given it's a series. Would be better with a little more heft and a little more mystery.

Reader, Inherit the Gin

 Funny and heartwarming

This was a heartwarming story that brought a few tears at the end!! Highly recommend for a good read! Loved it!

Reader, Inherit the Gin

I asked myself, how does this book make you feel? Good, Happy, Thankful!

I smiled the whole time I read it. If you need relief from the news or politics, the things that distract you from all the joy of life that is before us everyday...read this book. I had a hard time putting it down. We need more books like this!

Reader, A Bad Case of Carbonation

One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days, when everything goes wrong, your mechanical devices gang up against you, your world fills with incompetent ninnies, and even the family dog seems to hate you? A day when what you really need is a friend who understands? That’s when you need Beth Underwood’s “A Bad Case of Carbonation.” Read just a few pages, and you’ll know you’ve found the friend you need. You’ll wish you could sit down at your kitchen table with her, share your thoughts, your dreams, your pet peeves, and know she’ll understand because she’s been there, too.

Reader, A Bad Case of Carbonation

Delightfully relatable!!

A hysterical, yet thoughtful collection of short musings, observations, and beautifully crafted descriptions. I’m continually catching myself recounting the stories to friends! A modern twist on Erma or Nora - facing timeless challenges, like the perpetual candy wrapper in the couch cushion. Absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to read more of her work!

Reader, A Bad Case of Carbonation

A fun journey through the history of an American legend

Even as the son of a Kentuckian, growing up right across the river in the old distillery city of Cincinnati, I knew little (or nothing) about what it takes to make whiskey. Talk Bourbon to Me is a fun-filled and insightful journey through the making of this most important member of the spirits. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about my favorite state. The recipes look yummy! Even if you aren't a bourbon aficionado, this is an enjoyable read about the history of our heartland. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn a little something you never knew. Then, when you stop through to visit the distilleries, you'll understand what you're looking at. Or, you can simply brag about your new knowledge when you're standing in front of a bourbon bottle. I fully intend to jump in my RV and run the Bourbon Trail someday soon. Places in Kentucky like Bardstown are wonderful towns to visit anyway. Why not map out these specific destinations on your next swing through The Bluegrass. Thank you, Beth.

Reader, Talk Bourbon to Me

Everything about Bourbon!

Everything you could possibly want to know about bourbon and so much more! Also take a look at the recipes throughout the book, I’ve already made a couple. Can I just say Yum!!

Reader, Talk Bourbon to Me

A Great Follow-Up !

This is a worthy sequel to her earlier work. There is so much history in bourbon - especially here in Kentucky. Beth does a wonderful job of introducing the people, places, and things here that are a true part of bourbon making! Whether you are a bourbon novice or aficionado, the stories in the book are a treasure. Highly recommended!

Reader, Talk Bourbon to Me

A fun, and insightful, read!

A fun and colorful read, that shows the author’s love for bourbon history and it’s influence on the present! An eclectic mix of history, education, recipes, distilleries, and, of course, bourbon! A sequel which is every bit as good as the first. If you love bourbon, you will love this book!

Reader, Talk Bourbon to Me

All bourbon lovers need this book!

Such a great book for all bourbon lovers! Everything from behind the scenes to recipes!

Reader, Talk Bourbon to Me

Move over Hallmark!

In this intriguing cozy mystery, our protagonist, Peg, finds herself bequeathed with a mysterious inheritance, and she’s never even met the deceased! Turn the page for some fun and sassy dialogue, warm and neighborly characters, and a cozy mystery you can curl right up to. You’re invited to Hogshead, Kentucky for some sweet tea and a huge dose of Southern charm!

Reader, Inherit the Gin

I'm totally HOOKED!!

I suffer from severe "monkey mind", so I have trouble staying focused when reading and honestly, I'm so busy that I don't get a lot of time to read anyway. A friend recommended "Inherit the Gin" because we have similar taste. I LOVED IT! It's like a really good Hallmark movie that to hate to see end because you want to know what happens next. I was so sad when it was over....but excited to see that it's Book 1! I need a BOX SET ASAP! I loved the characters, I loved the locations....it's a fun escape! Do yourself a favor, find a cozy spot, a beverage and enjoy! The book keeps your attention but it's a quick enough read that you can still be productive with the rest of your day. 2020 has been crazy enough, spoil yourself with a little down time and escape -- you won't be disappointed!!

Reader, Inherit the Gin